FKI Board and Team

The Free Knowledge Institute current board is composed of: Wouter Tebbens (president), Hinde ten Berge (treasurer) and David Jacovkis (secretary) and Marco Fioretti.

The Barcelona team consists of Mònica Garriga, David Gómez and Wouter Tebbens.

Wouter TebbensWouter Tebbens is co-founder and serves currently as president of the Free Knowledge Institute… (continues here)


Davi JacovkisDavid Jacovkis is co-founder of the Free Knowledge Institute and responsible for its IT infrastructure… (continues here)


Hinde ten Berge is co-founder of the Free Knowledge Institute and is responsible for the financial management and coordination of the Free Technology Academy…(continues here)



Marco Fioretti is a freelance writer, popularizer, activist and teacher specialized in open digital standards…(continues here)

Mònica Garriga Miret is currently developing and also contributes to transition programmes for commons-oriented initiatives (La Comunificadora), social workshops on the deployment of an IoT citizen owned and managed network (The Things Network Catalunya), or the setup of the CommonsCloud (a collectively owned cloud platform). She is also a member of the recently created cooperative FemProcomuns. She co-designed, developed and implemented the CitizenSqKm project and Km2Ciutat, a research into the use of mobile and GIS technologies to foster transformation through education, local government and citizen participation. She was a partner at media140 with projects and events, spanning science, media and technology across the globe. She is a law graduate, worked as a foreign correspondent in South East Asia, Australia and the South Pacific and later specialised in Communication and Multi-platform and Transmedia with the aim to looking into ways of using journalism/communication for the audiences to generate change themselves.

David Gómez Fontanills has co-produced La Comunificadora, is an activist and promoter of free licenses, and is producing Teixidora, an initiative to track, document and connect techno-social activity in the area of Barcelona. With the collective TAG Taller d’Intangibles he has promoted networked participatory projects, such as HKP, about technological appropriation and other artistic activities. He also promoted self-publishing initiative. He has worked on several semantic wiki platforms for education, such as Viquilletra, wiki EOI and Experimenta_wiki. With Amical Wikimedia he has promoted the wikiArS initiative to encourage participation of art schools in Wikipedia. He is an external collaborator at UOC, has a degree in Fine Arts and Master in Knowledge Society.

See his personal website.