Selected Readings on Digital DIY

General introductions about digital fabrication technologies and how our societies are changing right now and in the foreseeable future: Neil Gershenfeld (2005). FAB. The Coming Revolution On Your Desktop – From Personal Computers To Personal Fabrication. Basic Books. About FabLabs and How to make almost anything. Ebook. Neil’s famous TED talk. Hod Lipson, Melba Kurman… Continue reading Selected Readings on Digital DIY

Digital Do It Yourself (DiDIY)

The FKI helped co-develop a research project on the impact of “Digital DIY”, which was selected for funding by the EC. In January 2015 we started the project lead by Luca Mari from Università Carlo Cattaneo/LIUC and with the Politecnico from Milan, R&D company Ab.Acus, University of Westminster, Manchester Metropolitan University and the Amerikano Kollegio… Continue reading Digital Do It Yourself (DiDIY)

About Free, Libre and Open

There have been and still are intense flamewars about the use of the terms free, libre and open in the context of software, knowledge and licensing. As the Free Software movement was the first in defining the main concepts (of copyleft, using copyright to protect the freedoms and thus stimulate sharing of knowledge), let us… Continue reading About Free, Libre and Open

Building a Shared Free Technology Master Curriculum

As you may know the Free Knowledge Institute seeks to advance the sharing of knowledge and take away technical, social and legal impediments. One of our core activities lies in education and over the last years we have established a network of universities and specialised groups working together in offering master level courses online through… Continue reading Building a Shared Free Technology Master Curriculum